Unit to create a negative pressure isolation room. A reliable way to combat airborne epidemics such as tuberculosis, SARS, influenza, etc.
Hepa Zone 24 Work Enclosure
The most effective containment solution for hospital construction projects
ZipWall Patents
ZipWall® LLC web site provides a variety of materials, information, and online services designed to assist our customers in their selection and use of our products and services.
Keeping dust down during healthcare construction
Green Genius
World's only proven maintenance-free chemical-free FuelSaver. No other technology reduces toxic emissions and saves you money on fuel like GreenGenius
Cloud base 3D Building Information Modeling software, utilizing a 3 dimensional immersive environment for navigation of your property
EMS (Environmental Management Systems) Advanced Edition
EMS Advanced Edition licenses can be purchased in quantities of one or more at a cost of $299.00 per user per month or $3,289 per user per year (one month free) if paid annually
Sustainable Stationery
Ink'd Biodegradable Pens, Pencils made from newspaper, Journals made from sugarcane, Biodegradable pens, and Binders made from recycled cardboard
eFACiLiTY® - Enterprise Facility Management Software
eFACiLiTY® is a globally recognized CAFM/EAM/CMMS software that competes with world leading products in the Facility Management space.
Respan Respiratory Products
RESPAN PRODUCTS INC. is a privately owned Canadian company incorporated under Ontario Charter in 1981.
Food Safety/HACCP Consulting
Food Safety/HACCP Consulting is a key service offered by GHC. Food Facility Inspections are required under the Food Inspection Mode

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About Green Health Canada Inc.

Green Health Canada Inc. is a Canadian company dedicated to directly assist governments and communities in their efforts to maintain sustainable systems,  secure optimal public health, and ensure an acceptable quality of life remains available to all people..... read more