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Green Genius Fuel Saver Plus - Consumer

The Green Genius Fuel Saver PLUS™ is a patented, solid-state, pre-combustion catalyst that inter¬acts with fuel to improve combustion in all fossil fuel engines. It works in all cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers and all other small engines. As it operates in the engine, it has a “chimney sweeper” effect. In dozens of government-approved trials, it has been proven to significantly reduce noxious emissions while demonstrating improved fuel efficiency. Maintenance-free and chemical-free, the Green Genius Fuel Saver PLUS™ reduces toxic emissions and increases fuel efficiency like no other product on the market today. As fuel prices continue to soar and global concern for the health of the planet increases, the Green Genius Fuel Saver PLUS™ is a simple, cost-effective way to reduce expenses and emissions while offering a specific, measurable, economic, and environmental return on investment.